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Flying windmills: The future of energy?

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s a huge inflatable wind turbine! Bringing energy, and maybe internet, to remote towns.

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How the World’s Tallest Building Will Tame the Wind

Architect Gordon Gill spoke at Bloomberg Businessweek’s second annual design conference about how innovative design techniques can be used to make buildings and cities more energy-efficient.

Renewable Energy in Lebanon

Because of frequent and lengthy power outages, many families and businesses in Lebanon make use of diesel generators, which pollute the environment. Wind turbines and photovoltaic systems are promising alternatives.

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Pivoting from coal to wind in Taiwan

Environmental awareness is growing in Taiwan with the government building new wind parks both on land and offshore. The aim is to raise the share of wind power in the country’s total energy generation by 8 percent and create 41,000 new jobs.

Belgium to Construct an Island to Store Excess Energy from Wind

Belgian authorities announced that the Belgium government had plans to build an island for the sole purpose of storing excess wind energy. According to reports, this is part of Belgiumapos’ plan to free itself off of nuclear energy by 2025.

The island will use a pumped-hydro system to store wind energy generated during off-peak hours, which will then be used to help satisfy the demand during hours when the wind isn’t blowing. The three-kilometer island is to be located three to four kilometers off the coast near the province of West Flanders.

Green Infra Seeking $150 Million for Wind Farms, Considers IPO

Green Infra Ltd., an Indian wind-farm developer backed by IDFC Private Equity, is in talks with at least two investors to raise $150 million.

The funds raised will be used to increase generation capacity to 1 gigawatt from 295 megawatts in two years, Chief Executive Officer Shivanand Nimbargi said in a phone interview from New Delhi. The company may consider an initial public offering in 2015, he said.

India, the third-biggest wind market, is attracting investments as the cost of wind power declines and fossil-fuel imports increases, making renewable energy more competitive with coal. Developers’ bids in auctions for coal-fired power stations have ranged from $49 to $78 a megawatt-hour, compared with tariffs for wind farms between $66 and $105 a megawatt-hour, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Green Infra, which bought BP Plc (BP/)’s Indian wind-energy businesses in 2009, has 270 megawatts of wind farms and 25 megawatts of solar plants in the country, Nimbargi said. BP’s unit included about 100 megawatts of that total.

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High Winds Continue To Impact DTE Energy Customers

Winds gusting, up to 45 MPH, are continuing across this region. This video, taken nearby our North Area Energy Center in Cass City, shows how these high winds can impact power lines. There are currently 7,500 DTE Energy customers without power. We expect the winds to continue into this evening and then taper off after 11 p.m. To report an outage go to

High-tech solution to prevent wind turbine bird deaths

Each year wind farms are responsible for the deaths of thousands of birds, including eagles, hawks, and other endangered species. A new technology uses machine vision to track birds and process better data to prevent bird deaths. Ornicept uses cameras to record images at 15 frames per second. The data is then processed to analyse the species, age, and altitude of passing birds. The database enables energy companies to determine the placement of wind turbines while leaving paths open for migrating birds.