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Snake Robot Ready for Search and Rescue Missions

Israel has earned itself an enviable reputation in the field of high-tech startups. But when it comes to robots, it’s got some catching up to do. Bloomberg Middle East Editor Elliott Gotkine has been to the south of Israel to meet the man putting Israeli bots on the map.

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Self Optimizing Network Technology

Learn about Self Optimizing Network technology, from AT&T and Intucell, used to create a better customer experience. This product helps to ease the overcrowding of users on one tower, expanding the network coverage area. 

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Every Robot Has a Name

Trossen Robotics is proud to announce the first robot platform to come from the 21st Century Robot Project, Jimmy the Research Humanoid. Jimmy is powered by Intel inside, which provides an extraordinary amount of CPU horsepower on a mobile walking platform.

The 21st Century Robot project is the brainchild of Intel’s Futurist Brian David Johnson and is the result of the collaboration of developers from USC, Olin College, and Trossen Robotics.

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Extreme-environment robotics under development at Keio University

At Keio University, the Ishigami Laboratory, in the department of mechanical engineering, is investigating robotic mobility systems. The main mission of this group is to perform fundamental and applied research for application to extreme environments, notably lunar and planetary rovers.

LASA Robotics Arm Ultra-Fast Can Catch Objects on The Fly

At the Learning Algorithms and System Laboratory (LASA) at Switzerland’s EPFL (one of two Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology), researchers combined parts from two robots to make a remarkable robotic arm that catches objects.

In the video above, the somewhat oversized, four-fingered hand is able to catch anything from a tennis racket to a partially-filled water bottle. “I think the main novelty we bring to object-catching is the way we transfer information from a human to the robot,” said LASA researcher Ashwini Shukla in the video.

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Stanford engineer invents safe way to transfer energy to medical chips in the body

Electrical engineer Ada Poon has invented a way to wirelessly transfer power deep inside the body. The technology could provide a path toward new medical devices.

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Healthcare made with Watson. Made with IBM

IBM Watson is transforming industries like healthcare. It’s allowing doctors to correlate massive amounts of data to diagnose diseases much quicker and offer customized treatments.

Unraveling the Reproductive Strategy of Living Organisms

At the Matsumoto Lab of the Department of Biosciences and Informatics at Keio University, fundamental research relating to reproduction and the process of ontogeny of living organisms is being conducted.

The lab is focused particularly on a primitive animal called a planarian, which has a particularly high regenerative capability and diverse reproduction modes. Researchers there are trying to shed light on the basic mechanisms of living organisms by learning from planaria.