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So, what does gamification really mean? Bunchball’s Founder and Chief Product Officer Rajat Paharia tackles this question and discusses the implications of how the two main definitions impact the types of games that are created for businesses and brands. Rajat certainly knows what he’s talking about and you will enjoy his insight in this edition of Saatchi S Perspective.

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Ben Horowitz is the co-founder of VC firm Andreessen Horowitz and has invested in Twitter, Skype, and Facebook, among other top companies. In a 2009 talk, here’s what he has to say about what it’s really like to start a tech company. Watch the whole thing, especially for the part about his conversation with Michael Jackson on a specific moment in the movie “The Wiz”.

(Source:, via thenextweb)

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“ Preeminent social network Facebook has acquired location check-in and travel service Gowalla, reports CNN. The acquisition was apparently made in order to bolster the capabilities of the new Timeline interface that Facebook has been preparing to roll out across the service soon. Most of the Gowalla team, including its founder Josh Williams, will move to the Palo Alto offices of Facebook to join its team. The Timeline feature is said to be the focus of the Gowalla team. ”

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