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Hairlytop Interface moves organically in response to light

The Hairlytop Interface is an interactive surface display made of soft solid-state actuators and optical sensors which react to light. Jointly developed by the University of Electro-Communications and Symphodia Phil, when placed on an iPad that is playing a video, it moves organically, like a living thing, in response to changes in the brightness of the screen.

The Hairlytop interface uses light as stimuli for movement, but various other sensors, such as audio or magnetic sensors, can be used for different effects. The developers would like to create range of applications for this system, including educational toys and plush toy accessories.

The Age of Networked Matter 

Welcome to the Age of Networked Matter, where everything in the physical world is online and interconnected, where we not only observe complex systems but can create them. Join IFTF’s Technology Horizon’s program as we gain higher-resolution views of how we can transform our reality.

Purchasing behaviour analysis system wants to know what you like

This marketing analysis tool, under development by Fujitsu, uses technology to sense people’s movement. By analyzing how customers behave in response to merchandise, entirely new kinds of marketing information will be obtainable.

With regular POS systems, the only information obtained is how much merchandise has been sold. But by using this system, it’s possible to find out how customers acted while contemplating the purchase of a product. This system could help with marketing by showing how customers behaved when they were thinking about buying a product, but didn’t complete the purchase.

Renewable Energy in Lebanon

Because of frequent and lengthy power outages, many families and businesses in Lebanon make use of diesel generators, which pollute the environment. Wind turbines and photovoltaic systems are promising alternatives.

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Make Perfect Coffee Then Weigh In

Mat Honan and Michael Calore make an Aeropress coffee, and the show off a digital scale that measures more than just your weight.

Genetic Impact of Culturally-Based Mating Systems

For many species, including humans, matings occur among a restricted pool of partners. In humans, restrictions on the choice of partners are culturally determined and frequently are the result of homophily, namely, contacts among individuals that are similar on some dimension.

Marcus Feldman, Stanford University, discusses how the dimension may itself be culturally transmitted, and its transmission may affect the transmission of other characters, which may be genetically determined, but have nothing to do with the dimension on which the mating choice is based. Socioeconomic choice of consanguineous marriage is an example; it has important consequences for genetic variation in many populations around the world. 

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Smart Simplicity & Self Organizing Networks

Things are getting more and more connected, which means increased network complexity. Imagine a system with automation, where many of the manual tasks can instead be controlled through policies - to manage the forest instead of the trees. When networks look after themselves, it doesn’t just mean lower costs of deployment and operations, it gives us a better user experience.

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Belgium to Construct an Island to Store Excess Energy from Wind

Belgian authorities announced that the Belgium government had plans to build an island for the sole purpose of storing excess wind energy. According to reports, this is part of Belgiumapos’ plan to free itself off of nuclear energy by 2025.

The island will use a pumped-hydro system to store wind energy generated during off-peak hours, which will then be used to help satisfy the demand during hours when the wind isn’t blowing. The three-kilometer island is to be located three to four kilometers off the coast near the province of West Flanders.