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The Anatomy of a Violent Brain

In studying brain scans of criminals, researchers are discovering tell-tale signs of violent tendencies. WSJ’s Jason Bellini speaks with Professor Adrian Raine about his latest discoveries.

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Early HIV treatment points to ‘functional cure’

French scientists say they have found evidence of an effective HIV cure among adults, if they are treated quickly after infection.The study looked at 14 patients, whose bodies have been able to control the virus, even after they stopped taking medication.

It follows the so-called functional cure of a baby girl in the US.Speaking to Al Jazeera from London, Sarah Radcliffe, from the UK’s National AIDS Trust, said the findings are another step in the road to a full cure for HIV and AIDS.

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Mankind can bet on global warming

Dr. Mark Boslough is a world-renowned expert on global catastrophies. As a Caltech-trained physicist, member of the technical staff of Sandia National Laboratories, and adjunct professor at the University of New Mexico, he is regularly seen on science documentaries and news reports explaining his research on planetary impacts and participating in expeditions to remote destinations around the world.

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African Mobile Statistics & Facts 2012

Praekelt Foundation believes that mobile technology is reshaping the future of the African continent, and that we have a chance to guide that change, using this powerful new tool to improve the lives of people living in poverty and empowering them to take charge of their own wellbeing. We’ve created this video to spread the word, and we hope it helps us recruit more advocates for the power of mobile technology.

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Stanford Researchers’ Cooling Glove Boosts Exercise Recovery

The temperature-regulation research of Stanford biologists H. Craig Heller and Dennis Grahn has led to a device that rapidly cools body temperature, greatly improves exercise recovery, and could help explain why muscles get tired. The researchers say the device provides better results than performance-enhancing drugs. 

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Intentionally Unvaccinated Students Put Others at Risk

Parents nervous about the safety of vaccinations for their children may be causing a new problem: the comeback of their grandparents’ childhood diseases, reports a new study from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing.

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Michio Kaku: The Search for Life on Mars

Where should NASA go to look for intelligent life on Mars? To get to the truth, journalists say follow the money. Astronomers say follow the water. Dr. Michio Kaku says “if you were a Martian on Mars three billion years ago when Mars was probably a lush environment with liquid water oceans—and you realized that the water was escaping to the icecaps, escaping into outer space or going into the permafrost,” then you would “probably go either into outer space to leave Mars or drill into the permafrost or go into the polar icecaps. So I think that’s what NASA is going to do next.”

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Silicon Valley’s Innovation Secret

Booz & Company and the Bay Area Council Economic Institute set out to identify the “secret sauce” that makes the San Francisco Bay Area a global innovation leader. According to research, the region’s success stems not just from its institutions or the research budgets of its companies. It comes from a deeply ingrained innovation culture that permeates the business and research community and distinguishes the Bay Area from its competitors.

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How to Win Over the Chinese Consumer

So deeply rooted, says Tom Doctoroff, is the Western belief in individual freedom, that it is nearly impossible for us to accept the fact that in Chinese culture, the individual does not exist outside of her network of familial and communal obligations.

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