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Lean Content with Eric Ries

Meshing film and Tech - Its about time that tech is viewed as art and, as the video so aptly puts it, one needs to embrace this flux. Entrepreneurs will change the World. Go behind the scenes with Eric Ries and Ondi Timoner as they create content to not only make you a better entrepreneur, but a smarter visionary as well. 

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The Story Behind Casamigos Tequila

Listen to the interesting story behind restaurant owner and entrepreneur Rande Gerber’s rise to success as he discusses Casamigos tequila and its evolution.

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High-Tech Coffee War Pits Dorsey vs. Zuckerberg vs. Pincus

Why are some of the biggest names in tech obsessed with fancy coffee shops? Kevin Rose and Jack Dorsey are investors in local, high end coffee outposts. Mark Pincus and Mark Zuckerberg have installed their favorite cafes at their companies. And Blue Bottle is working with Google and Square, using analytics to optimize everything from its online store to how lines should flow at crowded cafes.

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How AngelList’s Naval Ravikant Risked It All to Pull the Veil Back on VC

AngelList co-founder and CEO, Naval Ravikant, has accomplished a seemingly impossible mission that was inspired by being on the other side of a bad deal. He and co-founder Babak Nivi have tipped the scales back in the favor of the entrepreneur by pulling the veil back on the VC process on their breakthrough platform.

"I didn’t like how this system, and how these private markets are very inefficient and how entrepreneurs were at an information disadvantage." From doing battle in the boardrooms Silicon Valley to lobbying in the halls of Washington D.C, Ravikant has earned both the reputation of a dark horse and the respect of entrepreneurs.

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Create Collaborative Videos With Jumpcam

JumpCam is a free mobile app that makes it easy to create collaborative videos with friends and family. Collen Taylor takes a look at the Jumpcam app which lets groups of users share their video clips from the same events or topics.

From 48 Cents in the Bank to Escape Velocity

When Shane Snow co-founded Contently a few years ago he had just 48 cents in his bank account. Fast forward to the end of 2011 and the startup was on track to clear over $1 million in revenue. 

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Why Bitcoin’s Future Is Bright

The digital currency Bitcoin is one of the hottest things to hit the tech world since the invention of the mobile app. This year, major investors have poured cash into Bitcoin startups, and the mainstream media finally began paying attention.

But its future is uncertain. Governments around the world are beginning to grapple with the implications of a decentralized currency. New regulations are being handed down that will change how some Bitcoin companies do business. And yet the total value of the Bitcoin market is still trending upward. There will never be more than 21 million bitcoins in existence, which means that demand alone will determine the currency’s value.

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