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Want to Read Twice as Fast?

Buzzy tech startup Spritz is developing software that “streams” written content one word at a time, rather than displaying text in traditional paragraphs and pages. Test subjects have reported more than doubling their reading speed. Could “spritzing” actually displace traditional reading in certain arenas?

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This Entrepreneur Wants Girls to Think Engineering Is Awesome

GoldieBlox founder Debbie Sterling talks to about why she is working to shake up the toy aisle.

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Silicon Valley VC’s Take on Successful Space Startups

Steve Jurvetson is a leading Silicon Valley venture capitalist and a board member of rocket maker and launch services company, SpaceX. He shares what it takes to launch a successful start-up in the high-stakes space industry.

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Demo Africa aims to connect African startups

Demo Africa is an annual event and aims to connect African startups to the global ecosystem this is the place where the most innovative companies on the continent come to announce to the world what they’ve developed. Tech Busters’ Toby was at the latest installment in Nairobi in October where he got to chat to some of these startups.

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Is your accounting software beautiful? New Zealand-based Xero thinks it should be

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel along with other investors have recently injected $150 million into Xero’s streamlined accounting platform. The company hopes to target the North American market, along with others, as the results of an eight-year project to move into the mainstream. See what all the fuss is about.

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The Magic of the Pivot

Every startup we now idol worship has pivoted at one time. But why and how is the real question? This quick video provides key examples of known giants that at one time pivoted and knew when to pivot at precisely the right moment. The pivot is more than a moment in time; it is an entirely new strategy. 

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Lean Content with Eric Ries

Meshing film and Tech - Its about time that tech is viewed as art and, as the video so aptly puts it, one needs to embrace this flux. Entrepreneurs will change the World. Go behind the scenes with Eric Ries and Ondi Timoner as they create content to not only make you a better entrepreneur, but a smarter visionary as well. 

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The Story Behind Casamigos Tequila

Listen to the interesting story behind restaurant owner and entrepreneur Rande Gerber’s rise to success as he discusses Casamigos tequila and its evolution.

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High-Tech Coffee War Pits Dorsey vs. Zuckerberg vs. Pincus

Why are some of the biggest names in tech obsessed with fancy coffee shops? Kevin Rose and Jack Dorsey are investors in local, high end coffee outposts. Mark Pincus and Mark Zuckerberg have installed their favorite cafes at their companies. And Blue Bottle is working with Google and Square, using analytics to optimize everything from its online store to how lines should flow at crowded cafes.

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Why I started a private jet company

VistaJet founder Thomas Flohr talks about why he started the private jet company and how the business has grown.

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