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Silicon Valley VC’s Take on Successful Space Startups

Steve Jurvetson is a leading Silicon Valley venture capitalist and a board member of rocket maker and launch services company, SpaceX. He shares what it takes to launch a successful start-up in the high-stakes space industry.

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What Silicon Valley can and can’t teach emerging markets

Gulay Ozkan chats with Vivek Wadwha, Vice President of Innovation and Research at Singularity University about diversity, emerging markets, and the limitations of Silicon Valley’s culture.

Twitter’s Much Awaited IPO

Twitter has tweeted its intention to join the stock market. Lex’s Julia Grindell and Vincent Boland discuss mobile advertising revenue and the IPO everybody on Silicon Valley has been waiting for.

25,000 LEDs Illuminate The San Francisco Bay Bridge

The Bay Lights project on the San Francisco Bay Bridge is the world’s largest LED sculpture thanks to artist Leo Villareal and his custom algorithms that ensure the patterns won’t repeat for two years.

To be in Silicon Valley or New York

Sarah Lacy talks to executives from Birchbox, Thrillist, One Kings Lane, and Warby Parker about whether not it is difficult to start an ecommerce company outside of Silicon Valley.

California start-up brings deft touch to virtual reality

Silicon Valley start-up, zSpace, has produced a virtual 3D display its founders say will revolutionize the way people interact with computers. The system gives three-dimensional form to virtual objects and allows users to manipulate those objects as if they were real.

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ECNlive and Tech City Partnership

Prime Minister David Cameron backs ECNlive partnership with Tech City, as he announces plan for £50M regeneration of Silicon Roundabout

Tech City Investment Organisation (TCIO), the body tasked with promoting British technology companies based in the East London tech cluster, is joining forces with digital news network ECNlive, in a partnership that will connect Tech City with investors in the City of London. 

The partnership was announced this morning at a Tech City event attended by Prime Minister David Cameron, who praised the success of innovative British technology businesses such as ECNlive and announced a £50 million plan to regenerate the Old Street Roundabout at the heart of East London-based Tech City business cluster.

News of the Prime Minister’s announcement was broken on the ECNlive network, as the first step in a content partnership that will see ECNlive’s digital network carry live news and real time information from companies within Tech City, to financial institutions, media groups and technology companies across the capital. 

Tech City will use ECNlive’s digital network, which reaches more than 400,000 business people across the capital, to carry real-time up-dates on company initiatives, tech sector data and trends. ECNlive is present in more than 100 landmark offices buildings in London, including the offices of the City’s most influential investors from the technology and financial services industry.

Prime Minister David Cameron said: “The UK is in a global race and I am determined that we as a Government continue doing everything we can to equip the UK to compete and thrive in that race.

“As well as backing the businesses of today, we are creating an aspiration nation and also backing the innovative, high-growth businesses of the future. That’s why we’re investing in creating the largest civic space in Europe - a place for start‐up companies and the local community to come together and become the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

Antony Ceravolo, CEO of ECNlive commented: “ECNlive will give Tech City companies a consistent presence in the heart of the City of London informing potential investors of the latest developments within the dynamic technology sector based in East London. 

“ECNlive is itself a great example of how an innovative British technology-based business can establish itself and thrive. Now we’re helping to take Tech City to the City.”

Based in East London, ECNlive is backed by Octopus Ventures and an international consortium of private investors in the media and technology sectors and is led by Chief Executive Antony Ceravolo, a founding director of LOVEFiLM.COM.

ECNlive delivers a mix of live content and digital full-motion display advertising. Content is up-dated in real-time and includes global and national news, financial and sports up-dates, weather and travel information, as well as localised information relevant to audiences within individual buildings. 

TCIO was established by UK Trade and Investment to promote the growth of companies based in the tech cluster centred in Shoreditch. In October Joanna Shields formerly Facebook’s, Vice-President and Managing Director Europe, Middle East and Africa, to be Chief Executive of TCIO.

A venture capitalist’s view of stewardship development

Roland Van Der Meer, Chairman of Bio-Logical Capital, explains why investment in development that has respect and sensitivity to resources will not only produce good current yields and long term capital appreciation but also environmental returns. Bio-Logical Capital is the leader of stewardship development, and Van Der Meer brings financial accumen and a passion for environmental issues to his role as Chairman.

Van Der Meer is the author of blog, where he shares insights, ideas and thought leadership about creating impact at scale, using his 25 year successful career as a Silicon Valley venture capitalist to guide the future of sustainable ventures.

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