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Chinese Online Video Ad Revenue Up 218% YoY

Following a tumultuous 2011,the online video market in China surged to rapid growth in 2012, rising 24.7% quarter on quarter to a whopping 2.1 billion Yuan. Research shows that the growth of ads revenue decelerated due to seasonal factors such as the Chinese New Year. However, compared to Q1 2011, ad revenue grew remarkably this year following the Spring Festival.

Video websites expanded their revenue streams by introducing their videos via smart phones and gaming portals. Youku, for example, recently received a permit to introduce video services on mobile, and it has run a series of shows targeting mainstream Chinese, such as a talent contest to find China’s next generation of entertainment stars. However, with newer players entering the space, online video providers will have to more aggressively focus on user needs to drive other revenue streams up.

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Speaking of Android being a nice little business for companies not named Google, it’s only fair to point out that the iPhone is also a nice business for companies beyond Apple. In fact, as Charles Arthur writes for The Guardian:

The figures also suggest that Apple devices such as the iPhone, which use products such as its Maps as well as Google Search in its Safari browser, generated more than four times as much revenue for Google as its own handsets in the same period.

So while Android may have only made $550 million in revenue for Google in the past three years combined, at least they’ve been able to squeeze over $2 billion out of Apple’s devices in the same span.

Of course, Apple has squeezed well over $100 billion in revenues just on the sale of those products alone over the same span.

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Ten Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Pricing

Jon Manning, the Founder & Managing Director of, pricing strategies of what already exist and how to build new pricing models to challenge industry norms.

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Local Search Evolved | Infographic

Today, more and more companies are livin’ la vida local as online search expands and evolves at a rapid rate. Still, it’s not always easy to understand the logistics of local search, from what works well with consumers to how businesses can improve their local listings. To help you leverage the local search marketing scene, MDG Advertising developed this insightful infographic to serve as a virtual road map to driving up local rankings and results.

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Economist’s Daily Chart: Video Games.

The gaming industry is now more than twice the size of the recorded-music industry, nearly a quarter more than the magazine business and about three-fifths the size of the film industry. It is growing faster than any other form of media.

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" Boston Consulting Group (BCG) calculates that every year for the foreseeable future another 30m Chinese will go online to shop for the first time. By 2015 they will each be spending $1,000 a year—about what Americans spend online now. BCG calculates that e-commerce could rise from 3.3% of China’s retail sales today to 7.4% by 2015… a quarter of Chinese shoppers seek products online because they are not available at physical stores. Also, until recently, China lacked a reliable and cheap method of shipping packages, so the e-commerce industry has invested in developing one. Purchases on Taobao, an online Goliath that is a division of China’s Alibaba, are thought to account for a staggering 50% of all packages shipped in China. The cost of shipping parcels is now a mere one-sixth of what firms in America have to pay. "

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Mobile data traffic to grow 10X by 2016, report says

According to the company’s Traffic and Market Data report, total smartphone traffic is expected to triple during 2011, and mobile broadband subscriptions will grow 60 percent year-over-year through 2016, from an expected 900 million by the end of this year to almost five billion.

Full Story: ZDnet

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The 20 Most Expensive AdWords on Google

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The next big opportunity with the Cloud

The recent shift of enterprises like Google and Yahoo moving to the cloud is an indication of the next big trend in web enterprises. People which to upload and download information on the fly, willing to pay top dollar for convenience, speed and efficiency.

Cloud Money

During a recent discussion on the same topic with a couple of startup individuals, they mentioned the movement of their enterprise to the cloud as well. However, two things were of primal and long term concern: reliability and security. While reliability was seen as an issue that could be more easily fixed with better regulated systems and networks, as well as quality contingency plans for server management, security seems to be one where small and medium sized enterprises can really scale up and monetize on.


With personal information being uploaded to the cloud, along with personal histories and knowledge archives, people will surely be willing to pay for a cloud security service along with the general access to the cloud. This service maybe seen as an add-on, partnership or niche provision in the short-term. The long-term goal would be ultimately to protect everyone at no cost, bearing in mind the open source model, with enterpreneurs finding better and cleverer ways to develop revenue.

Nimay Parekh

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