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The Cycle of Venture Capital Returns

Tim Draper, founder and managing director of Menlo Park, California-based venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), speaks with Nina Xiang about the history of DFJ’s investment activities in China, where he is focused on funding the next big tech companies, his big misses in China, and his views on the next tech bubble that he thinks is coming right now.

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Boris Johnson Announces £100M Fund for Middle East Startups

Mayor of London Boris Johnson joins Jennifer Arcuri of Innotech Summit on the Tea & Tech Google+ Hangout On Air set, live from the 9th World Islamic Economic Forum held in London. Johnson announces a £100 Million Fund for Startups in the Middle East and reaches out to connect tech clusters and encourage collaboration.

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Twitter’s Big IPO Winners

Twitter’s executives and early investors scored big in Thursday’s initial public offering as the stock climbed more than 73% above its IPO price of $26.

Is your accounting software beautiful? New Zealand-based Xero thinks it should be

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel along with other investors have recently injected $150 million into Xero’s streamlined accounting platform. The company hopes to target the North American market, along with others, as the results of an eight-year project to move into the mainstream. See what all the fuss is about.

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Private Equity Investments in Food Assets

The acquisition of Heinz by Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital is the most recent in a history of private equity groups investing in food assets. Ildiko Szalai, Senior Packaged Food Company Analyst at Euromonitor gives several examples of these investments, all of which have varying aims and results. The Heinz purchase might give the company a significant financial boost to start investing in new markets.

What investment style is right for your startup?

Many people waste time sending business plans to Venture Capitalists, begging bank managers for loans, creating CrowdFunding videos, or pitching their ideas to any angel investor that they can find. If you are scattered in your finance raising strategy, you will experience a lot of rejection, frustration and more importantly,.waste a lot of your valuable time. 

There are two models discussed in this presentation - 

1. Before CrowdFunding (BC) 

2 - After Debt Crisis (AD) 

Quickly see when you should use the triple F round, bank lending, angel investors, venture capital, private equity, equity capital markets, debt capital markets, CrowdFunding, CrowdLending or CrowdInvesting. 

Chinese Venture Capital Seeks Investment Opportunities in Chicago

Chicago entrepreneurs presented startup pitches to visiting China investors at a media kickoff at Chase Tower. The event marked the rebranding of a Chinese American business magazine from Nihao to Mandarin Quarterly.

The publication invited foreign investors from China to meet local entrepreneurs. In tandem with an expanding market, Asian investors are looking abroad for innovative companies in which to invest.

Crash Course: Equity Financing in the Mining Sector

Help get investors up to speed on private placements and equity financings with this Crash Course in Equity Financing in the Mining Sector.