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Genetics Startup Aims to ‘Make 100 the New 60’

J. Craig Venter, the man who helped map the human genome, is at it again. This time, the goal is to better understand aging and age-related diseases and use that information to add decades onto everybody’s lives. The new company, funded by 70 million dollars in venture capital, is called Human Longevity, Inc. 

At the top of its ‘to do’ list is to start sequencing genomes at a rate of 40 thousand per year. That will be made possible with the help of a 10 million dollar machine, which will also lower the cost of individual analysis to a thousand dollars per subject. The first mapping of the human genome racked up a tab of 100 million dollars and took 9 months. 

In this project, the sequencing is only part of the much bigger picture. Once the data is collected, it will be combined with the medical records and target biological information of those who participated. Combined, it’s hoped that enough information will be provided to crack the mystery behind aging and, as their Vice-Chairman said, ‘make 100 the new 60’. 

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Five True Facts about Google X

Want to learn more about the most intellectual, yet underground unit of Google? With the secrecy of the CIA and the aura of Area 69, Google X’s mystique is explained via a list, courtesy of Marques Brownlee.

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Lithicon: Innovation leads to commercial success

A high-technology company set up by The Australian National University and UNSW Australia has been sold for $76 million (US$68 million).

The company, Canberra-based Lithicon AS, has been sold to the US-based FEI Company, a world leader in imaging technology for a range of markets, including oil and gas exploration. ANU will receive $11 million from the sale proceeds, representing a five-fold increase in its original investment, and UNSW will receive $4 million.

The sale is the most significant commercial spinoff for ANU in the past decade, and underlines the strength of the University’s research and partnerships with industry. Today, Lithicon AS employs 18 people in Canberra and markets its services to resource companies around the world.

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Of Hellabytes and Recombinant Innovation

Andrew McAfee argues that we are advancing so rapidly that our progress is no longer about a difference in degree, but a difference in kind. Along with Erik Brynjolfsson, Andrew is the co-author of The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies 

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Born of Sound: Transforming Sound into Art

Consider it sound you can see. Find out how Ashik and Jenelle Mohan of Born of Sound are using audio recordings to create works of art, bringing to life a child’s laugh or heartbeat in a fluid, vibrant print.

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Innovation for Loyalty Programs

Cisco’s Mobile TV Coupons help retailers achieve fuller baskets and get more out of their TV ads by letting shoppers “clip” targeted coupons using their mobile device in real time. Based on powerful analytics and real-time diagnostics, you receive detailed shopper and campaign information, as well as coupon clipping and redemption by geography and clipping rates by demographics, over time, and per channel or show. This cloud-based system provides a dynamic, real-time link between TV ad campaigns, loyalty cards, and point of sale.

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Pilot Health Tech NYC 2014

Pilot Health Tech NYC 2014 has launched! It provides $1,000,000 to fund pilots of new health technologies in New York City. The City’s program (powered by Health 2.0) matches early-stage health or healthcare technology companies with key NYC healthcare institutions, including hospitals, clinics, and major employers, to validate new technologies that improve New Yorkers’ health. 

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Value Chain Innovation in Developing Economies

Hau Lee explains how value chain innovations can help entrepreneurs in developing economies grow their businesses, and what multinational corporations can learn from them. He is Thoma professor of operations, information and technology at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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Mac: 30 years of innovation

Its been thirty years since the first Mac, since the infamous demo that blew the World away. Now the ubiquitous technology is used by everyone, a symbol of true democratic technology. 

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Demo Africa aims to connect African startups

Demo Africa is an annual event and aims to connect African startups to the global ecosystem this is the place where the most innovative companies on the continent come to announce to the world what they’ve developed. Tech Busters’ Toby was at the latest installment in Nairobi in October where he got to chat to some of these startups.

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