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Ad-Tech Gold Rush Is On

Everywhere you look, people are using smartphones and other mobile devices. When you combine that with the billions of dollars spent on advertising each year, you get advertising technology.

We head to Metamorphic Ventures, a venture capital fund that runs an incubator for ad-tech startups, to learn more about the sector and the new opportunities for ad-tech startups. 

Mayor Lee Announces New Biotech Incubator in Mission Bay

Mayor Edwin M. Lee announced the opening of the Bayer HealthCare CoLaborator, an innovative shared lab for start-up life science companies in Mission Bay. Mayor Lee also announced two new biotech startups are relocating to San Francisco to be the first companies to locate in the CoLaborator: Aronora Inc. from Oregon, and ProLynx LLC from Hayward.

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San Francisco Co-Working Space pariSoma: Classes, Community, and Collaboration

Started in 2008, pariSoma is quickly establishing itself as one of the elite co-working spots in the heart of San Francisco. 

In the video above, pariSoma’s general manager, Amber Wolf, gives a brief tour and a taste of the culture that her co-working offices has to offer. 

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Maui’s Recruiting Entrepreneurs To Start Tech Companies In Paradise

Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa meets with Silicon Valley techies on the beach about what they want in a tech incubator on the island. The Mayor is seeking Federal funding to create a shared workspace which allows entrepreneurs to work hard and play hard.

Launching a Communal Incubator in Amman: Stakeholder-Owned Gel Together

Founder Farah Ghniem and brand strategist Ayah Younis of Gel Together brought a dose of fun to the Amman Tech Tuesday anniversary event last month, attracting attendees to a game-filled booth where they presented the social business, which is designed to fund startups who contribute equity and revenue to a central pool that then funds and supports other startups. This way, they hope to create a community with Gel Together where startup founders are the stakeholders and companies are motivated to foster the development of other businesses. They also plan to seed the central investment pot with the revenue generated from a new startup they are launching to create products for curly hair. 

While the idea is completely new in Amman, where current accelerators focus mostly on tech startups, Ghniem hopes to pioneer the model and take it regional. The startup is currently growing its team and looking to expand its network of investors and partners.

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A preacher, 500 startups, and a dream to change it all.

Dave McClure represents that egregious class of geeks whose success makes a suit consider the so-called “hoodie” path. Beyond founding 500 Startups and Geeks On A Plane, Dave has gone on a bender, trying to discover entrepreneurs in different corners of the world, bringing their emerging talents to the forefront.

Heading Paypal’s marketing in the 2000s, McClure was later given $3 million to manage the Founder’s Fund and Facebook Fund. This small pool of money led to the birth of 500 Startups. Why not help launch startups for cheap earlier where the cost impact can be minimized? Now McClure hopes to take his success to destinations like Latin America and India, where startup-dom is the new wave. Gigaom’s link provides a nice in-depth article into why McClure’ boyish dream may actually become a reality. 

Lessons From Entrepreneurs | 500 StartUps

Startup entrepreneurs who have been part of the 500 Startups Accelerator Program talk about their experience, what they’ve learned, the value in being part of the Accelerator program to their startup and show the prep that goes into pitching at Demo Day.

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Is There a YCombinator Valuation Bubble or Not?.

In 2011, Jon Bruner from Forbes had posed the same question with relation to the general industry and whether we were close to a tech bubble. His interview with Hiten Shah, CEO of Kissmetrics, led them to believe that there is no imminent danger that would warrant the birth of a bubble or, atleast, the bubble would not be the size of the 2001 one. They designed a very comprehensive infographic, detailing their research.

Circa 2012, Instagram was acquired; Facebook is on the brink of its IPO and tongues are wagging about Google acquiring Pinterest to counter the Facebook-Instagram acquisition. Y Combinator has fuelled the birth of many young and energetic startups, looking to reach the big leagues. Valuation caps per startup have increased in the 33%-100% range in the past year. In contrast to the industry valuation caps, the YC valuation caps have increased between 375%-500%. 

This led Jason Calacanis to ask the following questions again:

1. Is there a bubble?

2. Is there a YC bubble?

3. Are You Better off Investing in Two Non-YC Startups at 1/2 the Price?

The link provided mentions what he had to say.