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Entrepreneurship in Sports | George Foster

George Foster says the potential for wealth creation in the field of sports entrepreneurship has been vastly underestimated. But he warns that sports industry fortunes can fall as quickly as they rise, and gives advice to aspiring sports entrepreneurs on how to avoid common mistakes.

He is professor of management at Stanford Graduate School of Business where he teaches sports management, entrepreneurship, and finance. He works closely with the Stanford Athletic Department in recruiting and advising student athletes, and directs the NFL-Stanford Executive Program.

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Global Technology & Connectivity with Bill Gates & Bill Clinton

From medical vaccines to financial services to educational resources, connectivity is key. Bill Gates and President Bill Clinton explain the positive impact of being plugged in on a global scale. 

Future of Journalism

Knight Kiplinger, head of the Kiplinger financial media company, speaks about the future value proposition of journalism. He spoke to the Kiplinger Program participants at Ohio State University, April 10, 2013. 

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What investment style is right for your startup?

Many people waste time sending business plans to Venture Capitalists, begging bank managers for loans, creating CrowdFunding videos, or pitching their ideas to any angel investor that they can find. If you are scattered in your finance raising strategy, you will experience a lot of rejection, frustration and more importantly,.waste a lot of your valuable time. 

There are two models discussed in this presentation - 

1. Before CrowdFunding (BC) 

2 - After Debt Crisis (AD) 

Quickly see when you should use the triple F round, bank lending, angel investors, venture capital, private equity, equity capital markets, debt capital markets, CrowdFunding, CrowdLending or CrowdInvesting. 

Chinese Venture Capital Seeks Investment Opportunities in Chicago

Chicago entrepreneurs presented startup pitches to visiting China investors at a media kickoff at Chase Tower. The event marked the rebranding of a Chinese American business magazine from Nihao to Mandarin Quarterly.

The publication invited foreign investors from China to meet local entrepreneurs. In tandem with an expanding market, Asian investors are looking abroad for innovative companies in which to invest.

Crash Course: Equity Financing in the Mining Sector

Help get investors up to speed on private placements and equity financings with this Crash Course in Equity Financing in the Mining Sector.

Palantir’s Joe Lonsdale has a new solution to fix global finance

Joe Lonsdale’s software company Palantir revolutionized government intelligence in 2004. His latest startup, Addepar, is fixing what they see as a broken and corrupt global financial system.

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