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The quest for transforming a city

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh isn’t just an entrepreneur. He is a design visionary. He intends to transform downtown Las Vegas into the “most community-focused large city in the world.” In this video, Hsieh highlights current efforts to bring technology, education and small business development together in a way that creates “collisions, community and co-learning.”

Is your accounting software beautiful? New Zealand-based Xero thinks it should be

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel along with other investors have recently injected $150 million into Xero’s streamlined accounting platform. The company hopes to target the North American market, along with others, as the results of an eight-year project to move into the mainstream. See what all the fuss is about.

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Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington on Launching His First Business

Kevin Harrington, the founder of As Seen on TV, had a staff of 25 by the time he was a junior in college. Watch how he launched himself at an early age and learn how you, as an entrepreneur, can become just as successful. 

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The Magic of the Pivot

Every startup we now idol worship has pivoted at one time. But why and how is the real question? This quick video provides key examples of known giants that at one time pivoted and knew when to pivot at precisely the right moment. The pivot is more than a moment in time; it is an entirely new strategy. 

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Lean Content with Eric Ries

Meshing film and Tech - Its about time that tech is viewed as art and, as the video so aptly puts it, one needs to embrace this flux. Entrepreneurs will change the World. Go behind the scenes with Eric Ries and Ondi Timoner as they create content to not only make you a better entrepreneur, but a smarter visionary as well. 

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The Story Behind Casamigos Tequila

Listen to the interesting story behind restaurant owner and entrepreneur Rande Gerber’s rise to success as he discusses Casamigos tequila and its evolution.

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