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Kidpreneur Maya Penn on Starting Up and Giving Back

Maya Penn started her first company when she was 8 years old, and thinks deeply about how to be responsible both to her customers and to the planet. She shares her story — and some animations, and some designs, and some infectious energy — in this charming talk.

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Value Chain Innovation in Developing Economies

Hau Lee explains how value chain innovations can help entrepreneurs in developing economies grow their businesses, and what multinational corporations can learn from them. He is Thoma professor of operations, information and technology at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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Kenya’s newest eco-friendly housing entrepreneur

Availability of modern and affordable housing continues to be elusive to many aspiring home owners in Kenya. Cost of construction materials and high mortgage lending rates are some of the main concerns. Eye on Kenya caught up with an entrepreneur who is providing high quality and environment-friendly building blocks for more on his venture.

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The Journey of Being an Entrepreneur with Gurbaksh Chahal

Gurbaksh Chahal is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Radium One. A die-hard internet entrepreneur, he started his first company, at the age of 16. Learn from Gurbaksh in this video to take on each challenge head on.

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Entrepreneurship in Sports | George Foster

George Foster says the potential for wealth creation in the field of sports entrepreneurship has been vastly underestimated. But he warns that sports industry fortunes can fall as quickly as they rise, and gives advice to aspiring sports entrepreneurs on how to avoid common mistakes.

He is professor of management at Stanford Graduate School of Business where he teaches sports management, entrepreneurship, and finance. He works closely with the Stanford Athletic Department in recruiting and advising student athletes, and directs the NFL-Stanford Executive Program.

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This Entrepreneur Wants Girls to Think Engineering Is Awesome

GoldieBlox founder Debbie Sterling talks to about why she is working to shake up the toy aisle.

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The quest for transforming a city

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh isn’t just an entrepreneur. He is a design visionary. He intends to transform downtown Las Vegas into the “most community-focused large city in the world.” In this video, Hsieh highlights current efforts to bring technology, education and small business development together in a way that creates “collisions, community and co-learning.”

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Warby Parker Founder’s Next Move: Shaving

With Harry’s Corner Shop, Jeff Raider hopes to do for men’s grooming what Warby Parker did for affordable eyewear.

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Is your accounting software beautiful? New Zealand-based Xero thinks it should be

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel along with other investors have recently injected $150 million into Xero’s streamlined accounting platform. The company hopes to target the North American market, along with others, as the results of an eight-year project to move into the mainstream. See what all the fuss is about.

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Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington on Launching His First Business

Kevin Harrington, the founder of As Seen on TV, had a staff of 25 by the time he was a junior in college. Watch how he launched himself at an early age and learn how you, as an entrepreneur, can become just as successful. 

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