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Can Innovation Nickel and Dime us into Debt?

Everyone is talking about innovation; revamping, line extensions, innovation hubs, incubation centers - these so called strategies are being used within companies as well as being viewed as opportunities for entrepreneurship. The excitement of innovation drives up sales because everyone wants to be the owner of the “It” product. But how much are you spending on innovation? The penchant for novelty has created a new generation of attention deficit consumers, constantly looking for the new upgrade/ product. The infographic attached provides a window into what buying into innovation actually costs the consumer. 

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CUT IT OUT: Where Should the Nation Spend and Save?

As the economy slowly recovers from a crippling recession and politicians sound alarms about mounting deficits, the U.S. government is struggling with tough choices about which programs to trim and which to invest in. 

An annual Harris Interactive poll set out to explore public opinion on the federal budget by asking people whether they would favor or oppose cutting spending in particular areas. The results reveal what really matters to the American people—and their pocketbooks.

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Increase in “Back to School” students at college causes “Text Book Price Inflation”


““The average annual increase in college textbook prices from December 2001 to November 2010 was 6.1%, varying from a low of 4.1% to a high of 8.3%. These figures are based on the college textbooks component of the Consumer Price Index. Assuming this textbook inflation rate continues, the current annual cost of college textbooks in 2011 should be about $1057 on average.””

e-Textbook Apps and Higher Education Costs | EDUCAUSE

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