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Increase mobile agility with private clouds

As customers require access to traditional applications and data via mobile devices, the requirement for increased IT flexibility grows. Exploiting private clouds allows improved cost effective mobile access to mainframe based information, and ability to improve business agility.

Internet Archives

Archive is a documentary focused on the future of long-term digital storage, the history of the Internet and attempts to preserve its contents on a massive scale.

Part one features Brewster Kahle, founder of the Internet Archive and his colleagues Robert Miller, director of books, and Alexis Rossi, director of web collections. On a mission to create universal access to all knowledge, the Internet Archive’s staff have built the world’s largest online library, offering 10 petabytes of archived websites, books, movies, music, and television broadcasts.

The video includes a tour of the Internet Archive’s headquarters in San Francisco, the book scanning center, and the book storage facilities in Richmond, California.

Disrupting The Business Software Industry

At age 27, Box Co-Founder Aaron Levie is pioneering a new approach to enterprise software that upends the traditional model software giants rely on.

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How LiveOps became the leader in cloud customer service

Pivot expert Marty Beard turns LiveOps telephone-based customer service platform into a cloud-based one that embraces social media. In A Total Disruption’s latest Pivot, Marty shares the results and dishes great advice on staying nimble and always looking for new ways to change and improve.

Cloud Files vs. Cloud Block Storage

Learn about the differences between Cloud Files and Cloud Block Storage from Rackspace Engineer Chuck Thier, a guy who has worked on both systems.

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The State of Play Shifts Rapidly: Fresh Insights into Cloud Adoption Trends

A survey, based on 460 interviews with IT executives and business decision-makers, across 7 sectors, and selected countries in key regions, was carried out by independent research company Coleman Parkes to explore what the situation is with the users of the Cloud. Who was leading on Cloud, what were the drivers, how was it being managed? 

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