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How The “Internet Of Things” Is Turning Cities Into Living Organisms

When city services can autonomously go online and digest information from the cloud, they can reach a level of performance never before seen. First up, water systems that automatically know when it will rain and react accordingly.

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A cloud computing cartoon of the day. For more cartoons from this week’s issue:

The way we are producing data, we may need a place even bigger than heaven to hold it all…

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Interview with Drew Houston of Dropbox at RoadMap Conference

The company’s success has been greatly aided by the fact that consumers want the same nifty tools they use from home, in the office.

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" IT leaders must embrace the post-modern business, a business driven by customer relationships where the customer is everywhere, and so must your business; a world fuelled by the explosion in information, collaboration, and mobility, enabled by the cloud,” said Peter Sondergaard, senior vice president at Gartner and global head of Research. “You must pursue simplicity by putting people and their needs at the center of design. You must dare to employ creative destruction to eliminate legacy, and selectively destroy low impact systems. "


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Monetate is the leading provider of testing, targeting, and personalization solutions for websites. The company’s cloud-based platform empowers marketers to easily test and target product offers and site features then convert successful tests into personalized messaging and promotional campaigns, instantly, anywhere on the website.

Monetate bypasses legacy IT systems with a quick and easy install using just a single JavaScript tag, inserted only once, and requiring no internal IT resources. Some of the best known brands in the world use Monetate to increase conversion rates, personalize the website experience, and make the most of their online marketing dollars, including Aeropostale, Urban Outfitters, The Sports Authority, QVC, PETCO, and GSI Commerce. Based in Philadelphia, Monetate serves a growing list of B2C websites around the world.

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Assistly, the all in one customer service and support app that uses social media to enhance your customer interaction experience. It very recently added a 2 way support module with Salesforce via AppExchange that would allow the sales and customer support reps to consolidate all their data in one shared view.

Assistly is currently backed by Bullpen Capital, Index Ventures and Salesforce to name a few. The videos provided show the general introduction to Assistly along with how the integration between Assistly and Salesforce works. Enjoy!

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The next big opportunity with the Cloud

The recent shift of enterprises like Google and Yahoo moving to the cloud is an indication of the next big trend in web enterprises. People which to upload and download information on the fly, willing to pay top dollar for convenience, speed and efficiency.

Cloud Money

During a recent discussion on the same topic with a couple of startup individuals, they mentioned the movement of their enterprise to the cloud as well. However, two things were of primal and long term concern: reliability and security. While reliability was seen as an issue that could be more easily fixed with better regulated systems and networks, as well as quality contingency plans for server management, security seems to be one where small and medium sized enterprises can really scale up and monetize on.


With personal information being uploaded to the cloud, along with personal histories and knowledge archives, people will surely be willing to pay for a cloud security service along with the general access to the cloud. This service maybe seen as an add-on, partnership or niche provision in the short-term. The long-term goal would be ultimately to protect everyone at no cost, bearing in mind the open source model, with enterpreneurs finding better and cleverer ways to develop revenue.

Nimay Parekh

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