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Conservatives don’t show climate change the respect it deserve

Caroline Flint, the shadow secretary of state for energy and climate change, criticises the Conservative leadership for trying to reap the PR benefits of environmentalism while lacking the imagination to deliver on their promises. She argues that climate change should be discussed in terms of the opportunities the green economy offers to people in the UK.

Electricity 2.0 - The New Distributed Architecture of Energy

Tony Seba, lecturer in entrepreneurship and clean energy at Stanford and author of “Solar Trillions" talks about the new architecture of energy. The architecture of energy is changing before our eyes: from centralized to distributed, from autocratic to democratic, from wasteful to efficient, from dirty to clean, from expensive to cheap. Think how PCs, cell phones, and the Internet transformed the information and communication technology world or the publishing world - and most industries and most economies over the last 30 years.

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Clean tech opportunities in Indonesia

Indonesia’s policy shift towards renewable and low emissions technology presents unique opportunities for Australian expertise, particularly in the off-grid renewable space in the remote islands of the Indonesian archipelago. Dan Solomon discusses these opportunities and challenges for Australian businesses looking to service this largely untapped opportunity.

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The Clean Technology and Renewables Market | Goldman Sachs

Stuart Bernstein, global head of the Clean Technology and Renewables Group in our Investment Banking Division, discusses opportunities and challenges facing the clean tech market today, and the role that financial institutions like Goldman Sachs are playing to develop this “emerging” market.

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