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A young woman from Canada, Anjali Appadurai, shook the UN Assembly with one of the most beautiful, impassioned speeches we’ve ever heard—and followed it with the first ever human “mic check” on the UN stage. Anjali spoke eloquently and powerfully for her generation. It’s a voice we’ll be doing all we can to back up in the months and years ahead.

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What is charisma?

I’m sitting in a room as our team goes through a long, monotonous presentation with people tuning in and out. At the far corner of the room is a guy who can barely keep his eyes open after 2 cups of coffee. Then, as if Flash Gordon just kicked down the door of a house to fight his enemies, the director walks through the room with the most vibrant smile and animated walk you would have seen at 9am, shouting “Morning Troops!”. At that very moment, every individual in the room got on their heels in a manner similar to when a navy seal salutes his admiral. That presentation went on for two more hours. However, people were far more alert than they had been that morning, with everyone clinging to every word the director had to say. A new breeze had entered the room.

World Leaders

Charisma is the power to not only grab, but retain the attention of your audience. It represents a key attribute that seperates the masses from the power hungry elite. You must know how to woo and command the focus of your audience, may it be for a presentation, a play, a speech or a performance. Whether it has an innate presence is a debate for another time, but it can be developed over time through a combination of social experiments i.e. interacting cross-culturally, taking on new and aspirational projects, being aware of global phenomenons and, ultimately, stepping out of your comfort zone when the time demands it. The natural order seems to be choosing to mimic the actions of those that have and/ or are living your aspirations. While aspirationally accurate, define your own action ideology; you’ll find your own path and charisma once you think outside the box.

For ways to boost your charisma, refer to the article available via the link on Brazen Careerist.

Nimay Parekh

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