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World’s Largest Private Tank Fleet Up For Auction

Want to buy a tank? On July 11, a portion of the world’s largest private collection of tanks and historic military vehicles will be up for auction. Former Silicon Valley engineer, Jacques Littlefield, bought his first tanks in the 1980’s and by the time of his death in 2009, he had acquired more than 200 vehicles. Sam Grobart shows off several that are on the block. 

$450M ‘Ferrari of Space’ to Meet a Fiery Death

The European Space Agency has announced that their G.O.C.E. gravity-mapping satellite has run out of fuel and will eventually burn up in the atmosphere sometime in early November. The highly advanced spacecraft was dubbed the “Ferrari of Space.”

How the Tesla Model S is Made: Behind The Scenes

If founder Elon Musk is right, Tesla Motors just might reinvent the American auto industry—with specialized robots building slick electric cars in a factory straight from the future. That’s where the battery-powered Model S is born.

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Inside the Cycleplex: The Weird, Wild World of Google Bikes

Corporate bike fleets have become commonplace on sprawling Silicon Valley campuses over the past decade. Apple has campus bikes, as do Facebook, LinkedIn and others. But there’s nothing quite like Google’s.

Tesla, Google Exploring ‘Autopilot’ Car Technology

Bloomberg’s Jamie Butters explains that Tesla is discussing a partnership with Google to develop a driverless, autopilot system for Tesla cars.

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Would You Ride the ‘World’s Lightest Electric Vehicle?’

Boosted Boards promise to provide light, easy electronic transport. But is it a sustainable way of getting around the city?

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SBU V3 Is The Electric Unicycle Of Your Dreams

Most of the time when one thinks of unicycles single wheeled devices which you pedal power while working to keep your balance come to mind. But, in a world where almost anything is being made into an electric vehicle these days, even unicycles are getting this treatment. One of the latest to date we’ve learned of is the SBU V3, which is an upgrade from a previous version by Focus Designs we reported on in 2010.

The SBU V3, according to the Red Ferret Journal, is designed to help one bypass the necessary training to stay upright and moving. It is a self-balancing design, that, like the Segway of old, is controlled through a process known as natural leaning motions. Taking up to half an hour to master, motions you make, such as naturally turning, are detected through on-board 3-axis accelerometers and gyros sensors said to help provide you with stability assistance in this particular scenario. Also, if you happen to be overdoing it on the unicycle, it will push you backwards in such a way as to let you know it is nearing its physical limits.

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