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The Most Literate Generation: Wattpad & The Power of Social Reading

The next time you hear someone say “no one reads anymore,” show them Wattpad. With more than 20 million users, Wattpad is the world’s largest community for readers and writers, and to the consternation of traditional publishing - entirely free.

To those naysayers who claim reading is the pastime of a bygone era, the numbers don’t lie - in 2013 alone, users spent 41 billion minutes on Wattpad with a new chapter uploaded every second. The platform lets users contribute cover art for their favorite stories, and become collaborators alongside their favorite authors.

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New startup offers a little peace and quiet in the heart of NYC, for 25 dollars an hour

Ever need to take a break in a busy city like New York, yet stopping at home isn’t an option? There’s an app for that. It’s called Breather and has been dubbed the Zipcar of personal spaces.

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The Health App Revolution

Pact CEO and Co-Founder Yifan Zhang and Glow Founder and PayPal Co-Founder Max Levchin discuss health apps.

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Too Tired to Swipe? Try Aviate Smartphone App

If swiping your smartphone to get to your favorite apps is too tiring, another app may be the answer. Aviate surfaces apps based on time of day. Is it worth the download?

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Using Psychic Apps to Improve Your Health

Photographer Rick Smolan discusses some of the more advanced technologies made possible by Big Data. Smolan created The Human Face of Big Data along with Jennifer Erwitt:

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Create Collaborative Videos With Jumpcam

JumpCam is a free mobile app that makes it easy to create collaborative videos with friends and family. Collen Taylor takes a look at the Jumpcam app which lets groups of users share their video clips from the same events or topics.

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Kevo Lets You Unlock Your Front Door With An iPhone

The new Kevo lock from Unikey lets you open deadbolts via an iPhone App. No more fumbling with or looking for your keys. All you need to unlock your Kevo lock is your smartphone. You don’t even need to take your smartphone out of your pocket or purse; it’s as simple as walking up, touching your lock, and walking in. The ultimate level of convenience.

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The Difference Between Websites and Apps

If you’re confused about whether your business needs an app or a website (or both), you should know the difference between the two, says Mobile Roadie CEO Michael Schneider. For starters, apps offer push notifications, which can allow you to reach customers on their smartphones and mobile devices. Apps also offer location-specific data about customers, and information about whether someone is logged into Facebook and Twitter. 

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Medicine’s future? There’s an app for that

Daniel Kraft offers a fast-paced look at the next few years of innovations in medicine, powered by new tools, tests and apps that bring diagnostic information right to the patient’s bedside.

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Sonte Film - WiFi Digital Shades

SONTE Film is the first ever Wi-Fi enabled digital shade that instantly switches windows from opaque to clear in less than a second. The film pairs with a free smartphone app that allows users to turn SONTE Film “on” for see-through windows and “off” for opaque windows.

Users can also use the app to control a room’s privacy and transparency setting. The customizable digital shade is easy to install and affordable, and doubles as a projection screen.

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