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Mac: 30 years of innovation

Its been thirty years since the first Mac, since the infamous demo that blew the World away. Now the ubiquitous technology is used by everyone, a symbol of true democratic technology. 

Possible iWatch?

Although Apple remains tight-lipped about any plans to release a wearable device, the persistent rumors and concept mock-ups continue to stir excitement among fans and industry analysts alike.

The latest conceptual take on the rumored iWatch is a video animation that presents an extremely realistic look at how the device might work if it becomes a real product.

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Apple’s iPhone makeover

Apple’s newest iPhones look different on the outside but the changes inside could be what really counts after the initial attraction as Apple tries to pump up sales in emerging markets. 

iPhone to Add Fingerprint Recognition?

Media outlets are speculating iOS 7 will add thumbprint recognition to the home button for security purposes.

Say goodbye to clunky cash management. Hello Square Up.

Tired of clunky cash registers like everyone else? The customer transacation process has long suffered from a lack of innovation. Enter the Square Stand - an elegant square stand with a credit card swiper that has the ability to integrate with other printers and scanners. Now there’s something we can all respect. 

Interested customers can pre-order the stand online for $299; it will be available for purchase in Best Buy stores and other select retailers starting the week of July 8. Square Stand currently works only with an iPad 2 or 3, but a version for tablets with Lightning connectors will be available later this year. Beginning May 15, a handful of local merchants around the country will run their business using the Square Stand. 

Glass Steve Jobs Made Famous Now Bigger than Apple’s iPhone

Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson visits the Corning Glass’s New York headquarters, where Guerilla Glass is fabricated. The primary encasement for Apple’s iPhone, the glass product is ubquitous across the consumer electronics industry.

Apple and Google Create Massive App Economy

How big of a money maker are apps? What country’s GDP is the size of the global app economy? How does app use compare to TV in terms of time spent per day? WSJ’s Jason Bellini has answers.

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