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Create Collaborative Videos With Jumpcam

JumpCam is a free mobile app that makes it easy to create collaborative videos with friends and family. Collen Taylor takes a look at the Jumpcam app which lets groups of users share their video clips from the same events or topics.

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Siri’s first real competition hits Android phones today


Apple’s Siri represents the birth of a new breed of voice-controlled smartphone assistant services, and it is only a matter of time before other companies begin to expand their offerings as a result.

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Vyasa platform enables media publications & popular bloggers to distribute their content through custom-branded, high quality native mobile apps without hassle. Through its app-as-a-service model, the platform takes care of all stages, from app design to publishing live native apps via appstores.

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LocalUncle for iOS sits on top of foursquare’s API and lets you ask the community questions about the locations around you before you get there.

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What Apps Do You Use? The Designer’s Toolkit

BestVendor, a website that helps people find appropriate work apps based on recommendations from their peers, just released their newest findings. After surveying 180 designers and creative professionals, they compiled their findings in this easy to read graphic. If we took a guess based on our own Core77 habits, it came as no surprise that Google Docs, Drop Box and Adobe Photoshop come in at the top of the list. We like their “Hidden Gems” section that reveals some emerging applications like GimmeBar (grab and store media in a single place to sync to Dropbox), WhatTheFont (for font-spotting) and LookWork (an RSS for visuals).

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Face Recognition Makes the Leap From Sci-Fi

SceneTap, a new app for smart phones, uses cameras with facial detection software to scout bar scenes. Without identifying specific bar patrons, it posts information like the average age of a crowd and the ratio of men to women, helping bar-hoppers decide where to go. More than 50 bars in Chicago participate.

Full Story: New York Times

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Echofi helps you find artists on Spotify that fit your tastes

Echofi is a simple web app that uses Spotify’s API to find music that’s more relevant to you. Simply search for an artist that you like, and Echofi will launch your desktop app with a song by a similar artist. You can then give the song a thumbs up or down using Echofi, and another song will be started for you. It’s kind of a Pandora-esque feature using Spotify.

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Tradyo is all about location-based trading. It lets you explore the goods and sellers close to your current location. You can also do a keyword search to narrow down to items you’re interested in.

Listing an item is as simple as snapping a photo (or group of photos) of it, typing in a few details and then waiting for a prospective buyer to find it. Potential buyers can then chat to you directly through the app to arrange a sale in person – payment isn’t handled through the app.

(via Tradyo for iPhone, a fun, lightweight and mobile rival to Craigslist)

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