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The Origins of the American Public Education System

The American Public Education System was directly imported from Prussia (modern day Germany). This model of “free and compulsory” education was designed by the Prussian Emperor, in order to generate obedient workers and soldiers who would not question his authority. 

In the 1830’s, American Lawmaker Horace Mann visited Prussia and researched its education methodology. He was infatuated with the emperor’s method of eliminating free thought from his subjects and designed an education system for Massachusetts directly based on these concepts. The movement then quickly spread nationally. 

Horace Mann said, “The State is the father of children. Do you want your children growing up in total submission to the State?”

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America’s Public Health Crisis

Our world is getting bigger. Not just in numbers, but also in size. More specifically, America is a sole contributor to this horrible truth, that we are undergoing a Big. Fat. Health Crisis. This video infographic examines our nations growing health epidemic, as more and more American’s are becoming obese and succumbing to addictive substances.

By spreading awareness of this enormous heath crisis facing America, our hope is that people will take action and be inspired to make a change in their life. From walking, to running, and living your life to the fullest, taking steps to a healthier lifestyle could save you up to 27 years of your life.

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Spotify Makes Radical Changes to Discovery, Follow Features

Spotify has already changed the music landscape in the US. Now, the Swedish streaming service hopes to improve music discovery and engagement.

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The high price of China’s thirst for education

Chinese parents are going to ever greater lengths to get their children into top U.S. schools, as a recent multi-million dollar dispute between a Hong Kong couple and an education consultant shows.

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President Obama 2.0: What Happens Now?

Barack Obama has been re-elected President of the United States. Forbes editor Randall Lane and political strategist Douglas Schoen discuss how Obama won, what he’ll face in Congress, and what’s to come for the markets and business over the next four years.

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'Unschooling': Home learning the future of US education?

There’s class warfare in the U.S., but it’s nothing to do with social status. Teachers there are walking out in their thousands, demanding better pay and conditions. And as schools see a marked decline in staff and standards, more and more families are taking the concept of homework to its ultimate conclusion.

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Re-Thinking Government Productivity through Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing

Thomas Baden, Chief Information Officer, State of Minnesota, Department of Human Services discusses the ongoing challenges facing government and how Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing are providing opportunities for agencies and States to bring exceptional solutions to the taxpayer, faster, and on magnitudes less spend. 

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Launch of the Presidential Innovation Fellows Program

The White House recently launched an exciting new initiative called the Presidential Innovation Fellows Program, partnering top innovators from the private sector, non-profits, and academia with top innovators in government to collaborate on five projects that will fuel job creation, save taxpayers money, and improve the lives of millions of Americans. 

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American Entrepreneurship has Declined 53% Since Reagan

On Tuesday - in a rare-act of bipartisanship - the Senate passed the Small Business Jobs and Tax Relief Act. The legislation is aimed at giving some much-needed stimulus to America’s entrepreneurs - by giving any small business that hired more workers in 2012 a 10% tax credit. It also gives away new tax credits for small businesses that invest in new major equipment. It’s no secret that small businesses have taken quite a hit following the Bush Great Recession.

But there’s new evidence out now that suggests American entrepreneurial class has been suffering for a long time before Barack Obama - or even George W. Bush - moved into the White House. In fact - the evidence shows that American entrepreneurs have been getting pummeled for more than thirty years now. According to a new study released today by the New American Foundation, the number of entrepreneurs per capita has dropped by 53% since 1977. And since 1991, the number of Americans who are self-employed has dropped by more than 20%.

In other words, Americans who use to be able to start their own businesses are increasingly being forced to join the ranks of the working poor. Our nation - quite frankly - has forgotten how to foster an entrepreneurial class over the last thirty years. So why is that?

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