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Video Is Going to Be Bigger Than Ever This Year

Content marketing and social media expert Jayson DeMers talks about one of the big social trends to watch out for in 2014.

Twitter Can’t Go Public as a Boys Club

Vivek Wadhwa, fellow at Stanford Law School, responds to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo criticizing his comments that took the company to task for having no female board members.

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Early Twitter employee: #untold story

Dom Sagolla was the ninth Twitter user and one of the company’s earliest employees. He was laid off in the early days.

How Tumblr Will Make Money

David Karp says brands want digital ads that tell stories, not “little blue links.”

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The Sharing Economy @ LeWeb London 2013

Loic Le Meur’s keynote on the Sharing Economy as he studied the theme for his conference LeWeb London.

Inside the Cycleplex: The Weird, Wild World of Google Bikes

Corporate bike fleets have become commonplace on sprawling Silicon Valley campuses over the past decade. Apple has campus bikes, as do Facebook, LinkedIn and others. But there’s nothing quite like Google’s.

Take an unprecedented journey inside BitTorrent

In this video, we take a look at the unprecedented journey inside BitTorrent, the Internet’s fastest peer-to-peer file-sharing network and into the mind of its genius Founder and Chief Scientist Bram Cohen. 

Bram, along with CEO Eric Klinker and VP of Marketing Matt Mason, talk about why no platform has surpassed BitTorrent in all these years and take the issue of piracy head on to reveal the truth about the company’s role in it.