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Russians propose nuclear plan against meteors

Russian scientists have proposed a plan to use nuclear weapons to defend Earth from falling meteorites. The idea was prompted by a space rock shattering over the Urals last month causing millions of dollars in damage.

Proton packs up releasing dangerous pieces of floating junk

Two communication satellites are now lost in space after a Russian rocket failed to place them into orbit on Monday. Experts admit they now pose a threat to other satellites and potentially the International Space Station.

Russian Developer Exploits Apple In-App Purchases

A Russian developer has worked out an exploit that allows you to make in-app purchases through many iOS applications.

Innovation in Brazil and Russia | Women Powering Technology Summit 2012

Developed economies have traditionally looked at emerging economies as areas of market growth for their existing product portfolio, as a source of human capital at more competitive costs, or both.

In these scenarios, the emerging economies retain very little of the intellectual capital created by their human capital and have sub-optimal benefits from the R&D investments made by the investing companies. Emerging economies have been devising strategies for multi-nationals to make more sustainable investments, fostering co-innovation and co-development, which benefit the developed and the developing economies in a more balanced manner.

In this presentation, Patricia Florissi analyzes two rapid growth economies, Brazil and Russia, providing some context around their social, political and economical environment, their industries of focus, and the R&D programs they are devising. Shes also shares EMC’s journey to partner with these countries in fostering global scale innovation programs.

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Carbon-based fibers look to be the future of construction and high-tech manufacturing: the Composite Holding Company bids to bring production of the super-strong, ultra-lightweight carbon material to Russia. A research institute in Dimitrovgrad retools to stave off a coming shortage in the world’s most important diagnostic radioactive isotope. A new waste-to-energy plant is up and running, hopefully making toxic landfills a thing of the past. And the country’s brightest tech entrepreneurs show off their latest wares at the Fourth Russian Innovation Convention.

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