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Say goodbye to clunky cash management. Hello Square Up.

Tired of clunky cash registers like everyone else? The customer transacation process has long suffered from a lack of innovation. Enter the Square Stand - an elegant square stand with a credit card swiper that has the ability to integrate with other printers and scanners. Now there’s something we can all respect. 

Interested customers can pre-order the stand online for $299; it will be available for purchase in Best Buy stores and other select retailers starting the week of July 8. Square Stand currently works only with an iPad 2 or 3, but a version for tablets with Lightning connectors will be available later this year. Beginning May 15, a handful of local merchants around the country will run their business using the Square Stand. 

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Penultimate 4.0 now part of Evernote

Penultimate is the original and easiest-to-use handwriting app for iPad that combines the natural experience of pen and paper with the flexibility and syncing of Evernote. Lose the paper, keep the handwriting, and remember everything.

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How do you beat the iPad? One way is to re-invent the PC

Alongside the Windows 8 release, Intel and its PC-maker partners are pushing a range of unusual new computing form factors, from convertible tablets to touch desktops. The question is will they sell?

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Company wants to bring mind-controlled computing to the masses, your iPad

InteraXon, leaders in thought controlled experiences, have connected brainwaves to the iPad in a new application that puts BCI technology in the palm of your hand. Showcased at CES2011, InteraXon has partnered with SecretExit, adding a new thought-controlled element to the award winning ZenBound 2.

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Kindle Paperwhite leaves a glowing impression

With so much attention showered on color tablets these days, it’s refreshing to see dedicated electronic readers get some love. So while has certainly pushed the latest iterations of its Kindle Fire tablets, the Internet retailer also is shining the light on the dedicated Kindle Paperwhite e-reader that starts shipping Monday. The shine is coming right back at you (in a good way). Paperwhite is the first conventional E-Ink-style Kindle with a built-in reading light. It leaves a glowing impression.

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Savant’s iPad-Powered Home of the Future

If you’re asking yourself who Savant is, you need to dig deeper into the world of home automation. All the videos that we saw about robots and appliances magically operating themselves at the click of a button back in the 70s are finding real world applications, thanks to ingenious smart systems that cohesively integrate the operations of your in-house appliances. Currently available only on Apple products, the Savant system can be controlled using an iPad, iPhone or Savant’s proprietary remote control. 

Pioneering Savant’s cause is Robert Madonna, an early telecom industry juggernaut, who founded the the Excel Switching System in 1988 during the the era of deregulation in the telecom market. Savant has won the Electric House product of the year award this year and continues to marry other appliances into its integration model to fulfill its promise of a fully automated house.

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Steve Jobs Was Open to 7-inch iPad

Emails reveal new evidence in the Apple-Samsung patent trial reveals Steve Jobs was open to making a smaller version of the iPad.

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Touchfire Keyboard | The Next Web Review

Let’s face it: the iPad keyboard is great but typing for long durations of time can be cumbersome. Bluetooth and Apple plugin keyboards have been introduced and are currently a very popular alternative. However, another contender should be considered who has been introduced in the mix: Touchfire. It’s a thin membrane that sits over your on-screen keyboard, allowing you to type by touch. Priced at $50, it is not clear as to how the utility and longevity will be received. But it is something to consider the next time you decide to make a virtual keyboard decision. 

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iPad software makes patient intake fun

Silicon Valley-based Tonic Health is developing software to make medical data collection more patient-friendly. In this interview, SmartPlanet’s Sumi Das sits down with CEO Sterling Lanier for a demo of some of the gamification features inside.

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