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Apple Plans To Turn A “Sea Of Asphalt” Into A Green Space/UFO Landing Pad

Awhile ago, Apple had released its plans to create a monumental spaceship campus for all employees. Steve Jobs, himself, had presented the proposal to the Cupertino Council about the plans and how he ensured Apple would very much remain a Cupertino property for the forseeable future. 

CFO Peter Oppenheimer, this week, had sent out a flier, requesting feedback from Cupertino’s residents about the infrastructure of the new campus, ensuring that they would not be met with complications. The following bullet points are the takeaways from the brochure. For more information, including snaps of the letter itself, please click on the title link. 

Takeaways from the Letter

- The new site will not replace the nearby corporate headquarters at Infinite Loop.

- Twenty-six “aged” buildings on the new 176-acre site will be demolished to make way for the single, four-story, ring-shaped, 2.8 million square-foot building that the late Steve Jobs first told the Cupertino City Council about in one of his last public appearances.

- A nearby set of existing buildings will also be replaced with an additional 300,000 square feet of research buildings.

- The new campus will accommodate about 13,000 employees. Apple’s existing campus houses around 10,000.

- The campus will be LEED certified for energy efficiency and overall green-ness.

- The new campus will include a restaurant, fitness center, and other perks for employees, but will not be open to the public.