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The Great Gatsby of Digital Knockoffs.

File:Fabrice Grinda at LeWeb in 2011.jpg

No, we are not talking about the Samwer brothers and their triumphs in the field of replicating startups. We are talking about another duplicating pioneer, a master startup cloner, if you will, called Fabrice Grinda

Fabrice has replicated almost every popular American startup and taken it to either Europe, Latin America or South America. His list of investments include for Russia, a Grubhub for China, a for Germany, a Jetsetter for Turkey, a Stubhub and Eventbrite for Spain and Latin America, a Warby Parker for France, and an Airbnb, an Expedia, a Gilt and a PayPal for Brazil.

With a startup list this formidable, it is not hard to idolize the Frenchman. After all, everyone loves the lifestyle of throwing intellectual parties, driving fast cars and living in countryside villas. It is important to remember that there is no secret to getting there; opportunities exist everywhere and your start could be just like his, if you choose to notice them. At 21, he recognized the tech boom as an opportunity, and unlike other analysts working in the hot startup investment world, instead of buying stocks, he decided to clone them in other markets. Always be conscientious of your global surroundings, not just your local ones. 

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