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Creating Virtual Networks in Cloud Data Centers | Nicira

Robert Scoble talks with Nicira Co-founder & CTO Martin Casado and CEO Steve Mullaney, the creators of Network Virtualization Platform (NVP). Nicira’s software creates virtual networks in Cloud data centers, taking workloads and putting them in a world where everything that the user sees is virtual. Nicira is accelerating the transformation to Cloud infrastructure by delivering software that virtualizes the network and enables elastic, scale-out data centers.

This radical new technology creates a thin layer of software between the servers and the network creating the illusion of a virtual network that works on any type of hardware. “With Nicira, when you send a packet, it is being interpreted by software  far more intelligent than hardware. No matter how the hardware changes, the software stays the same; it’s a lot more flexible so we can integrate quicker, deploy quicker, debug better and add better features. And we get the same type of transformation that we did with complete virtualization for the entire network”, explains Martin Casado.

Steve Mullaney goes on to say, “every single one of our customers is using our technology as an agent of change to transform their businesses. Nicira is strategic, long-term, transformational technology that they are using to fundamentally change the way they deliver applications and services to their customers." Companies currently using the Nicira technology are Rackspace, AT&T, eBay, Fidelity Investments, NTT and others.

To hear Martin Casado’s keynote speech at the Open Networking Summit of 2011, please visit the following link

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