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Dont Just Pin Video, Pin Vimeo.

Remember our question about how Pinterest was going to counter Facebook’s Instagram acquisition? After all, remaining complacent has led to the death of many a contender who went head to head with Facebook. Pinterest has now launched the ability to pin not just youtube videos, but vimeo videos as well.

Vimeo, known for its high quality videos, has an existing user base of about 65 million registered users per month and 8 million overall registered users. Over 15% of their traffic is derived from mobile devices. By allowing Pinterest’s users (now the 3rd largest social network) to pin videos, they not only tap into the video sharing market, but the mobile app market as well. So, although this may not be an app based acquisition, but rather, a video based service offering, it is good to know that Pinterest is evolving its strategy and is foraying into newer arenas to maintain its user loyalty. 

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