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Why Google Is The Most Important Learning Tool Ever Invented | Fast Company

Tom Vander Ark is an edu-futurist par excellence. He’s chair of the International Association for K-12 Online Learning, author of the new Getting Smart: How Personal Digital Learning is Changing the World, and an investor in startup technology and entrepreneurship school General Assembly (see this month’s Life in Beta) through his education-focused venture fund Learn Capital. Here, he shares some of his views on the importance of “just-in-time learning” and the “plummeting” value of traditional education.

And this is a general trend in education that you write about in Getting Smart, right?

I think in general in the industry, the ability to deliver around that need will get much more sophisticated—to find out not only what people need to learn, but to get smarter about how they learn best. So we have a smart learner profile, a motivational profile not only what they need to learn but the best way for them to learn. 

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